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Home Attractions Hili Archaeological Park

Hili Archaeological Park

Hili Archaeological ParkHili houses the  largest Bronze Age complex in the UAE, dating from 3rd millennium BC.  Archaeological remains are displayed in the Hili Archaeological Park. Per official sources, in addition to the remains exhibited within the park, other relics such as settlements, tombs and an Iron Age Falaj are located outside the park.

The site known as Hili “1”, located next to the GrandTomb inside the park, was once a high tower standing above ground. Foundations of a thick circular boundary which contains remnants of several rooms and a well in the centre of the building is located here. Remains of similar buildings were discovered in other areas of Hili. These remains provide evidence that the people of south-east Arabia once lived in houses of sun dried mud brick and buried their dead in collective graves built of stones. Remains of these tombs are also located inside the park. 4000 years old Grand Tomb is situated here. Other tombs of different layouts are also located here.

UNESCO also highlighted Hili’s significance as it features “one of the oldest examples of the sophisticated aflaj irrigation system which dates back to the Iron Age”. The property provides important testimony to the transition of cultures in the region from hunting and gathering to sedentarization,” UNESCO said.

A visit to this famous archaeological park will leave you amazed and filled with several insights into the development of this region and therefore definitely well worth your time.