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Forts and Watchtowers

Hili WatchtowerAl Murabaa Fort: The name represents the large rectangular three storey tower present in the fort.  Former UAE president, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan constructed this fort in 1948 when he ruled the Eastern Region. Per official records, the fort was originally used as a watchtower and as headquarters of royal guards, and also played a role in several public activities such as marriages and religious functions. It was also used as a police station and prison.

Al Mezyad Fort: Constructed in the 19th century, this fort is one of the largest heavily fortified buildings in Al Ain. Total area of the fort is around 3600 square metres. There are four watchtowers at the four corners.  Nearly 40 rooms facing inside the fort were once used as storerooms for the military forces.

Al Murayjib Fort: This is one of the oldest forts in Al Ain, and was built around 1816 during the reign  of Sheikh Shakhboot Bin Diab, a member of Al Nahyan family. The fort was the formal residence of Sheikh and his family.

The Hili Watchtowers: The Hili Watchtowers comprise the 2 towers - Sheikh Zayed Murabba and Seebat Khalifa Bin Nahyan. The tower known as Sheikh Zayed Murabba was constructed at the direction of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The tower was used by watchmen keeping guard of the area. These watchtowers are distinct in the fact that one of them is square in shape whereas the other tower is rounded or circular. The towers were built to protect the village of Al Hili.