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Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain ZooAs the website of Al Ain Zoo states, "the late Sheikh Zayed established this unique zoo in the Middle East (in 1968) with the vision of creating natural habitats for animals to live freely". To remain true to this vision and to further care for the wildlife of the region, Al Ain Zoo has instituted many conservation and breeding programs. There are over 4000 animals in this zoo, housed in special sections including enclosures such as bird house, reptile house.  This is a wonderful destination for families with members of all ages and the special experiences including giraffe feeding, bird show and others provide a special feast for the visitors. Al Ain Zoo makes a special effort to offer educationally focused programs and encourage school visits. An expansion project is on the agenda to develop into Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, to create a world class recreational experience and ‘to transform the area of the existing zoo into a new institution dedicated to exhibiting and conserving the wildlife of the desert world’.  A day out to Al Ain Zoo can be considered a day well spent and will prove an enjoyable and a learning experience.