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Al Ain Paradise

Al Ain ParadiseA breathtakingly beautiful garden which when in bloom seems to host such a myriad of colours is definitely one of the highlights of Al Ain. In fact Al Ain Paradise merits the distinction of holding 2 Guinness World Records for the feat of having the world's largest display of hanging baskets. In 2010, the garden had 2,426 hanging baskets and this record was surpassed in 2011, when the makers put up 2,968 hanging baskets.

The garden is truly worthy of being called a paradise and leaves you impressed at the care taken to maintain the rows of flowers and the creative landscaping which further accentuates the beauty of the garden. Of special interest is a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower, with a height of 12 metres and adding more splendor to the park. Per records, the garden occupies an area of approximately 21,000 square metres, including the corridors and walkways of an internal length of 2,400 metres approximately. Al Ain has twice won the second position in the Nations in Bloom contest, an international competition to choose the leading cities for good landscape management and environmental practices.

Al Ain Paradise provides wonderful backdrops for taking photos and a walk in this park of flowers of different shades and shapes is guaranteed to lift your spirits and leave you feeling cheerful and happy.